13716 | Headquarters Road Bridge Over Tinicum Creek (Tinicum Township, Bucks County)

This project involves rehabilitating or replacing the Headquarters Road Bridge over Tinicum Creek in Tinicum Township, Bucks County. This bridge is poor condition, functionally obsolete, and currently closed to traffic due to its deteriorated condition. The bridge is a contributing resource to the Ridge Valley Rural Historic District which is listed in the National Register of Historic Places. A final alternative for bridge rehabilitation or replacement is determined upon completion of the review process required by the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) and its supporting regulations. The existing structure is an 80’ long, three-span concrete-encased steel stringer bridge with stone masonry abutments and piers over Tinicum Creek. No utility conflicts are anticipated.

Limits: Over Tinicum Creek
Air Quality Code: S19

Draft FY2023 TIP for PA Program Years (in Thousands)

Program Year Totals:$100$0$0$0 
Total FY23-FY26 Cost:$100Total FY23-FY34 Cost:$100 
All costs in thousands.


PhaseMilestoneEstimated Date
CONStart of Phase2021-10-13
CONCash Flow Start2006-06-15
PECash Flow Start2005-07-22
CONCompletion of Phase2023-04-18
CONCash Flow End2015-10-25
UTLCash Flow Start2016-01-08
ROWCash Flow Start2016-01-08
FDCash Flow Start2016-08-02
PECash Flow End2016-12-15
PECompletion of Phase2016-12-15
FDCash Flow End2017-05-16
ROWCash Flow End2017-09-15
ROWCompletion of Phase2017-09-15
UTLPlan to Utility Unit2017-12-03
FDStart of Phase2018-08-01
PEN. E. P. A. Approval2018-07-31
ROWPlan to ROW Unit2018-12-03
UTLCompletion of Phase2020-06-12
FDPS+E to District Contract Management2020-09-15
CONNotice to Proceed2021-09-27
CONAward Contract2021-11-01
FDCompletion of Phase2021-12-01
CONPhysical Work Complete2023-02-17
CONReimbursement Agreement2023-10-15
CONProject Agreement End Date2024-08-17