Transfer of Development Rights

Through a grant from the William Penn Foundation, the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission is coordinating two inter-related task force groups, focusing on transfer of development rights (TDR) in New Jersey. DVRPC is leading a task force to assess the vision and opportunities for a regional TDR program in Salem County, NJ. New Jersey Future is spearheading a task force to formulate state-level policy recommendations to improve TDR implementation. For more information, please see the report, TDR – Assessing the Potential for a Regional Transfer of Development Rights Program in Salem County, NJ – A Report of the Salem County Regional Task Force – June 2011.

Task Force Groups


New Jersey

Land Preservation through Noncontiguous Parcel Clustering in New Jersey

Transfer of Development Rights in New Jersey - A Background Paper [pdf]

The State Transfer of Development Rights Act

State TDR Act Outline [pdf]

NJ TDR REMA Rules [pdf]

NJ TDR REMA Rule Summary [pdf]

Department of Agriculture, State Agriculture Development Committee, Transfer of Development Rights

Department of Community Affairs, Transfer of Development Rights

Highlands Council Transfer of Development Rights Program

Highlands Council Transfer of Development Rights Technical Report

Pinelands Commission, Land Use and Planning, Permanent Land Protection

"The State of the State TDR Act." New Jersey Chapter of the American Planning Association [.pdf]

Woolwich Township Draft TDR Plan

Other Resources

TDR Case Studies, Otto, 2010 [pdf]

What Makes Transfer of Development Rights Work? [pdf]

Final Report of the TDR/Land Preservation Work Group of the Task Force on the Future for Growth and Development in Maryland: Part I

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TDR's: Do They Work and at What Cost? by David Fisher [pdf]

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