Commuter Services

The Office of Marketing and Commuter Services provides support to area employers and commuters in helping them find a commute that works better for their own needs, and for the region. Through education and outreach services, the following programs give the tools necessary to understand the importance of how we commute and the positive impact changes can have on employee morale, a company's bottom line, and the region's traffic congestion and air quality.

PA Carpool

DVRPC offers several programs for commuters who work in southeastern Pennsylvania, and for their employers. Commuters can go to PA Carpool for information on commuting around the Philadelphia region, as well as programs in other parts of Pennsylvania and our surrounding states.


RideECO is the region's commuter benefit program that employers can offer to their employees to help pay for commuting on transit or by vanpool. Administered by DVRPC, it saves employers and commuters money by taking advantage of federal legislation that allows tax-free dollars to pay for transit fares.

Mobility Alternatives Program

MAP is a program for employers in southeastern Pennsylvania, to educate them on the importance of encouraging employees to consider alternate commute choices. Whether it's on transit, in a car pool or van pool, or even working from home, MAP has information on what the alternatives are and how companies and their employees can take advantage of them. MAP includes the Share-A-Ride program (below) plus information on Emergency Ride Home, telework, flex time and parking management.


The Share-A-Ride program is a free computerized service that can match commuters with convenient transit services, car pools, vanpool groups, even walking and bicycling opportunities. Eligible commuters must work in the 5-county southeastern Pennsylvania region. Even employers can get on board by locating matches for their employees!