Delaware Valley Goods Movement Task Force

10:00 AM

Commission Office
The ACP Building - 8th Floor
190 N. Independence Mall West
Philadelphia, PA 19106
For directions Call (215) 592-1800
Please Use Sixth Street Entrance


  1. Call to order
    All Task Force members and friends will be recognized and the April 16, 2008 meeting notes will be offered for the committee''s approval (see separate meeting highlights).

  2. Freight Plan Showcase
    In conjunction with the 2035 long range plan update, DVRPC is organizing a freight plan showcase that will feature a guided tour of the Delaware Valley''s supply chain. Ted Dahlburg will describe this initiative and opportunities for Task Force member input and participation.

  3. Freight Flows and Forecasts in the Philadelphia CSA
    Walker Allen will present the key findings of a DVRPC report entitled, Freight Flows and Forecasts in the Philadelphia Consolidate Statistical Area. This report contains estimates of freight flows based in year 2002 and forecasted through the year 2035, and information concerning shipment origins and destinations, commodities, and mode of travel.

  4. Maritime Commerce in Greater Philadelphia: Assessing Trends and Growth Opportunities
    The Economy League of Greater Philadelphia was commissioned by the Philadelphia Industrial Development Corporation to evaluate maritime commerce in Greater Philadelphia. Using an assessment of global trends and their implications for the region, a final report lays out growth opportunities and potential future scenarios for maritime commerce on the Delaware River.

  5. Philadelphia Sports Complex Special Services District
    Shawn Jalosinski, Executive Director, will discuss the efforts of the Sports Complex Special Services District to protect the interests of the South Philadelphia communities it serves and to promote the efficient operation of the adjacent sports venues.

  6. Freight Logistics Initiatives In Maryland
    Ed Miller, Motor Carrier Policy Officer, will describe the role and activities of the Maryland DOT''s Office of Freight Logistics. The Office of Freight Logistics champions freight, and its current activities include initiatives within Maryland and collaborative efforts with neighboring states.

  7. Two-minute Reports
    Task Force and Subcommittee chairs and Task Force members and friends will provide updates on the activities of their companies and agencies.

  8. Old/New Business
    Old or new items of business will be considered. The next scheduled meeting of the Goods Movement Task Force is October 15, 2008.