Central Jersey Transportation Forum

Friday, March 16, 2007
9:00 am

Sarnoff Corporation
201 Washington Road
West Windsor, NJ

If snow or icing occurs on this day, call DVRPC at (215) 238-2839 to confirm if the meeting will be held.


  1. Introductions
  2. Approval of November Meeting Highlights
  3. Advancing the Route 1 Bus Rapid Transit (BRT)
    The BRT effort is advancing through NJ Transit’s work on specific pieces, an interagency meeting, a BRT Committee meeting and coordinated applications for a federal earmark. These activities and others will be discussed for Forum input.
  4. Enhancing Transportation and Land Use Coordination
    NJDOT has recently completed work on a new type of planning process: a Mobility and Community Form Element, which may used by municipalities to make BRT more successful. Brent Barnes, NJDOT Director of Systems Planning and Research, will discuss it and the NJ Access Code Reevaluation Study.
  5. Coordinating Major Route 1 Projects
    1. Provide basic overview of report that will draw on interviews done for Planning Through Partnerships led by NJ Office of Economic Growth
    2. Explain next steps for the Route 1 Regional Growth Strategy led by NJDOT
    3. Present brief status report on Route 1 Penns Neck area projects
  6. Communicating Forum Accomplishments
    1. Discuss recommended projects from Database of Problems and Projects
    2. Present general overview of draft recommendations of CR 571 corridor study
    3. Applaud actions municipalities are taking to provide transit on CR 571
    4. Recognize efforts on the CR 518 East-west Existing Corridors task
    5. Summarize progress on Forum Action Plan
  7. Dialogue
    Forum attendees are encouraged to highlight major activities since the last meeting to facilitate the exchange of information.