Central Jersey Transportation Forum

Thursday, February 1, 2018
1:00pm - 3:30pm
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The Fire Academy
402 Roycefield Rd
Hillsborough, NJ 08844

If snow or icing occurs on this day, call DVRPC at (215) 238-2839 to confirm if the meeting will be held.


1. Welcome & Introductions (5 minutes)

Chair Bill Neary and Hillsborough Mayor Gloria McCauley will open the meeting.

2. Forum Business (10 minutes)

a. Meeting summary & approval (VOTE)

3. Central Jersey in DVRPC’s long-range plan (30 minutes)

Brett Fusco, DVRPC, will provide an overview of the Connections 2045 Plan for Greater Philadelphia, and will discuss the projects pertinent to the Central Jersey region.

4. Central Jersey in NJTPA’s long-range plan (30 minutes)

NJTPA will provide an overview of Plan 2045: Connecting North Jersey, and will discuss the projects pertinent to the Central Jersey region.

5. Past, Present & Future in the US 1 Corridor (20 minutes)

Matthew Lawson, Mercer County, will present area maps from the 1930 Regional and Mercer Plans and discuss the potential for US 1 based on its past and present.

6. CJTF Strategic Plan (40 minutes)

a. Members of the steering committee will present the results of the strategic planning process that took place over the last six months.

b. The floor will be open for discussion surrounding the draft strategic plan and action tables.

7. Brief Updates & Dialogue (15 minutes)

a. I-95/295 Redesignation, NJDOT

b. Rt. 1 Hard Shoulder Running, NJDOT