Central Jersey Transportation Forum

Thursday, July 2, 2015
9:00 am - 11:30 am

Conference Center at Mercer
1200 Old Trenton Rd.
Princeton Junction, NJ


1. Welcome & Introductions (Chair Bill Neary & Dr. Diane Campbell, Mercer County Community College)


2. Forum Business

  1. Approve summary of February 27th Meeting – VOTE
  2. Transit Action Team (Chair Jack Kanarek) and Rt. 1 Regional Growth Strategy Action Team (Chair Tom Vigna) reports - VOTE on letter introducing Senate Safe Passage bill
  3. Brief updates on NJ Transportation Capitol Program (Jim Lewis, NJDOT), US 1 & US 206 Planned Projects Maps (Jesse Buerk, DVRPC)

3. Better Connecting Economic Development & Transportation Planning with a Focus on Transit

Gerry Scharfenberger, Director of NJ Office of Planning Advocacy (OPA) will lead a conversation about: 

  1. How can we create better connections of transportation & economic development, especially for potential developers & prospective businesses looking to move into an area? For example, to communicate that developing a constrained site that has (or can readily have) transit may have short-term pain but long-term gain for everyone.
  2. What are developers & existing businesses looking for in terms of transportation? Could we all work together on an answer “no, there isn’t transit there currently but….” What other realistic short-term actions could the range of entities in the room do to promote a strong, sustainable Central Jersey economy?
  3. Examples of projects where OPA successfully helped to mitigate transportation issues for new/existing businesses
  4. As part of the Business Action Center (BAC), are there development trends that OPA has observed that would impact the broad Route 1 corridor either positively or negatively? What transportation advantages already exist & what modifications should be made to help the corridor benefit from these trends?
  5. What can the Forum do to help the draft State Strategic Plan to advance? – potential VOTE on letter

4. Creative Funding for Transit Projects & Lessons Learned

  1. Healthline/NJ Transit Route 655 (Tom Marchwinski or Mike Viscardi, NJ Transit, others)
  2. East-west transit on CR 571/potential NJ Transit Route 656 (Mike Viscardi)
  3. Z-Line/Amazon shuttle (Cheryl Kastrenakes, Greater Mercer Transportation Management Association)

5. What Municipalities Are Doing to Shape Development Patterns in Ways That Will Help Transit Succeed

  1. Franklin – Elizabeth Ave. project & others (Councilman Ted Chase)
  2. Hillsborough – Transit Ready Development District (Business Advocate Gene Strupinsky)
  3. Trenton – Innovative redevelopment and infill projects (Associate Planner Regine Saintilien)
  4. West Windsor – Train station project update & others (Mayor Shing-Fu Hsueh)
  5. Others, as time allows

6. Brief Updates and Dialogue

  1. Together North Jersey Activity Recap & Plan Overview (Zenobia Fields, NJTPA)
  2. Mercer County Incident Management Task Force update (Barry Seymour, DVRPC)
  3. Others, as time permits