Central Jersey Transportation Forum

Tuesday, January 31, 2012
1:00 pm - 3:30 pm

Hillsborough Municipal Building
379 S. Branch Rd
Hillsborough, NJ 08844

If snow or icing occurs on this day, call DVRPC at (215) 238-2839 to confirm if the meeting will be held.


1. Welcome and Introductions


2. Action Items

  1. Approval of September 20th Summary - VOTE
  2. Bylaw amendments – VOTE
  3. Report from support for transit work session – VOTE
  4. Revised Route 1 Regional Growth Strategy (Rt1RGS) Action Team road show potential actions and revised NJDOT Rt1RGS resolution – VOTE

3. Brief Update on a Few Route 1 Projects & Planned Projects Status Report

Speakers: Mark Rollo, Program Manager, NJDOT Division of Project Management
Jesse Buerk, Transp. Planner, DVRPC Office of Transp. Safety & Congestion Mgmt.

4. NJ Transit Update on Proposed New Route 655

Speaker: Tom Marchwinski, Director of Systems Planning, NJ Transit

5. Brief Update on NJ Strategic Plan

Speaker: TBD, NJ Office for Planning Advocacy

6. How Climate Change Will Impact Route 1 – Summary of NJTPA/DVRPC Study

Speaker: Jeff Perlman, Principal Planner, NJTPA Regional Planning Division

7. Learning from Hurricane Irene: How to Improve Communication about Transportation in Severe Weather and Major Events

Speakers: Jim Hadden, 511 and Special Projects, Statewide Traffic Operations
Laurie Matkowski, Sr. Transp. Engineer, DVRPC Office of Transp. Operations Mgmt.

8. Brief Updates & Dialogue

Updates & this meeting’s question: How can our action team tailor the road show to encourage your elected officials to adopt the Route 1 Growth Strategy resolution?