Central Jersey Transportation Forum

Monday, May 16, 2011
1:00pm - 3:30pm
Lunch at noon

New Jersey Hospital Association
760 Alexander Rd
West Windsor, NJ


1. Welcome and Introductions


2. Approval of October 25th Meeting Summary


3. Results from Formal Voting Work Session

All potential voting members were invited, and a productive work session was held on March 21st with the following results:

  1. Bylaws– Anticipated voting members voted to decide key matters
  2. Chair – They voted that a Chair should be elected from among voting members. Executive directors of the two MPOs will be Co-Chairs.

4. Results from Route 1 Regional Growth Strategy (Rt1RGS) Action Team meeting

The first Rt1RGS Action Team meeting was held April 13th. One of several recommended actions is a letter of support for the Transit Village Program.

5. Dan Kennedy on State Strategic Planning Process

The facilitator of a process to transform the statewide framework for land use planning into one that prioritizes and supports sustainable economic growth will share thoughts on the report being prepared for late June. Dan Kennedy is the Deputy Director of the Office for Planning Advocacy of the Department of State.

6. Route 1 Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Updates

NJ Transit will provide a brief update of progress on the Route 1 BRT

7. Status of Route 1 Road Projects

  1. NJDOT on potential turn restrictions in the Penns Neck area
  2. Planned Projects Status Report

8. Information Items

  1. Statewide TDR Study
  2. CR 571 Park & Ride Study

9. Dialogue