Central Jersey Transportation Forum

Thursday, April 19, 2001
9:00 AM



1.   Introduction of Attendees and Two Minute Reports

Committee members will have an opportunity to introduce themselves and highlight any major activity that occurred since the last meeting.

2. Summary of September''s Meeting Highlights

Approval of the highlights of September 8, 2000 meeting

3. Private Sector Presentation

-Princeton Forrestal Center will present their vision of land-use development trends and initiatives anticipated over the next 20 years; and their role in alleviating congestion in the region.

-The Sarnoff Corporations'' development plan for their West Windsor site will be presented to the Forum.

4. Land-Use/Transit Scenario

This has been our most challenging modeling scenario to date. This includes a number of steps which were not included in the previous scenarios resulting in a longer gestation period. Phases of the process and their conclusions will be presented.

a) Workshop review.
b) Over-view of scenario building.
c) Transit Scenario - the transit assumptions will be presented to the Forum as being considered for inclusion in the final modeling process.

5. Millstone By-Pass EIS

The concept for the Forum was born out of the Millstone Bypass Congestion Management System. NJDOT will address the Forum on the requested EIS and how this will affect the endeavors of the group.

6. Next Steps

1. List of Invitees
2. Highlights of September 8, 2000 Meeting