Central Jersey Transportation Forum

Friday, September 12, 2003
9:00 AM

Sarnoff Corporation
201 Washington Road
West Windsor, New Jersey


1. Introduction of Attendees
Forum members will have an opportunity to introduce themselves.

2. Summary of May Meeting Highlights
Approval of the highlights of May 16, 2003 meeting.

3. Bus Rapid Transit Status Report
The Forum will be briefed on the progress of the Bus Rapid Transit Alternative Analysis. NJDOT consultant, DMJM Harris will be conducting the Smart Growth for Alternative section of the study, the group will be informed of the methodology and how it will be incorporated in the final report.

4. Freight
a) Anne Strauss-Weider, A. Strauss-Weider, Inc. co-author of Value of Freight to the State of New Jersey will give a presentation on freight issues in region and explore ways of solving problems associated with goods movement.

b) The activities of the Freight Committee will be presented.

5. South Jersey Light Rail Bus Connection
Presentation from NJ Transit on bus improvements to support the connectivity of the South Jersey Light Rail.

6. Lawrence-Hopewell Trail Project

An overview of the Lawrence-Hopewell Trail project will be presented. The process used to plan and build the trail will be discussed.

7. Legislative Committee Update
The Forum will be presented with the committee’s continued efforts with the Region Planning Protocol, Transfer of Development Rights and TED.

8. Dialogue
In an effort to encourage and continue information exchange, Forum attendees are encouraged to highlight any major activity which has occurred since the last meeting.

Next Steps