Central Jersey Transportation Forum

Friday, April 23, 2004
9:00 AM

Sarnoff Corporation
201 Washington Road
West Windsor, New Jersey


1. Introduction of Attendees

Forum members will have an opportunity to introduce themselves.

2. Summary of September Meeting Highlights

Approval of the highlights of January 23, 2004 meeting.

3. Cross-acceptance: For the Preparation, Revision and Re-adoption of the State Plan

Adam Zellner, Executive Director, Office of Smart Growth will give a presentation on the cross-acceptance process and the department’s expectations as they strive to prepare, revise and adopt a new State Plan.

4. Bus Rapid Transit

Since the BRT Alternatives Analysis kick-off at our last meeting, the project team has been busy doing municipal outreach, developing a purpose and need statement, and addressing the DINKY issue. The Forum will be brought up-to-date on the BRT study.

5. The Logistic Council

In November 2002 NJDOT convened the Logistic Council to develop a prioritized action plan to address major challenges facing goods movement in the state.

a) A brief overview of the Council’s findings will be presented.

b) Martin Bierbaum, Land Use Institute will present a more detailed report on the recommendations of the land use sub-committee.

6. Penns Neck Area EIS

A preferred alternative has been chosen from the 19 alternatives considered in the Draft Environmental Impact Statement. NJDOT will present the preferred alternative.

7. Transportation Problems and Projects

In coordination with the counties, information collected on transportation problem areas as part of the municipal highway outreach has been initially screened. The draft results will be presented to the Forum for discussion.

8. Updates

a) The Forum will be presented with the Legislative Committee’s continued efforts on pertinent legislative agenda items.

b) The Forum will be presented with the activities of the Freight Committee.

9. Dialogue

In an effort to encourage and continue information exchange, Forum attendees are encouraged to highlight any major activity which has occurred since the last meeting.

Next Steps


1. List of Invitees
2. Highlights of January 23, 2004 Forum Meeting