Central Jersey Transportation Forum

Friday, March 3, 2006
8:30 AM and the meeting will
start at 9:00

Sarnoff Corporation
201 Washington Road
West Windsor, New Jersey

If snow or icing occurs on this day, call DVRPC at (215) 238-2839 to confirm if the meeting will be held.


1.Introduction of Attendees
Forum members will have an opportunity to introduce themselves

2. Summary of November Meeting Highlights
Approval of the highlights of the November 14, 2005 meeting

3. Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Study Next Steps
NJ Transit will discuss the outcomes of the study. The focus of this item, however, will be discussion by the Forum of how to turn recommendations into services that help people get where they are going and into coordinated land uses and other efforts that make transit more viable.

4. East-West Corridors: Action on CR 571
The five municipalities along CR 571 in the Forum area have agreed on a package of improvements that benefit the region and each of them. It has been revised through meeting with Mercer County divisions and NJ Transit. The package should not be expected to solve east-west access in Central Jersey but it helps and it quite likely can be done if the Forum endorses it.

5. Brief Reports
a) Update on NJDOT Route 1 Regional Smart Growth Study
b) Cross-acceptance
c) MLUC Integrated Land Use and Transportation: Next Steps
d) Progress Report on Forum Action Plan

6. Dialogue
Forum attendees are encouraged to highlight any major activities that have occurred since the last meeting to facilitate the exchange of information.
RSVP to Margaret Shaw at (215) 238-2867 or cjtf@dvrpc.org