Central Jersey Transportation Forum

Thursday, July 20, 2006
8:30 AM and the meeting will
start at 9:00

Sarnoff Corporation
201 Washington Road
West Windsor, New Jersey


All participants will introduce themselves. The new Forum co-chairs, Barry Seymour and Mark Stout, will say a bit more about their perspectives. Barry Seymour is the new Executive Director of DVRPC. Mark Stout is the new Assistant Commissioner of Planning and Development at NJDOT.

2. Approval of March Meeting Highlights

3. Economic Development and Transportation
As roads become more congested and energy more expensive, how can Central Jersey position itself to grow and even benefit? The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey will present a north Jersey perspective on transportation and economic growth. The Forum will discuss how it wants to proceed.

4. Advancing US 1 Bus Rapid Transit (BRT)
New Jersey Transit will address what happens next from their side regarding the recently completed Route 1 BRT Study. The Forum will have an opportunity to endorse the study and plan next steps of coordinated progress. Materials have been distributed and are available at NJT: Central New Jersey Route 1 Bus Rapid Transit Project and www.dvrpc.org.

5. New Jersey Long Range Transportation Plan
New Jersey Department of Transportation anticipates that the draft Plan will be available for discussion. See www.state.nj.us/transportation/works/njchoices for background.

6. Coordinating US 1 Efforts
The big question is how can the Forum help to better coordinate the many projects in the broad US 1 corridor and align them for regional progress? The smaller question is how specific projects are coordinating. This discussion will start with the BRT and continue with the projects below. This is the usual Brief Reports agenda item taken to a new level of focus.

a. NJDOT: Route 1 Regional Growth Strategy (Rt1RGS)
b. NJDOT: Route 1 Millstone River Bridge Replacement and Route 1/CR 571 Penns Neck Projects
c. NJ Turnpike Authority: NJ Turnpike Widening Study, Exit 6 to Exit 8A
d. Update of Forum Transportation Problems and Projects Database
e. Forum East-west Corridors Update

7. Dialogue
Forum attendees are encouraged to highlight major activities since the last meeting to facilitate the exchange of information