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Aerial imagery is an essential tool for planning and analysis. It presents a comprehensive view of regional conditions. Having access to aerial imagery from various years provides the user with a chronological record of land use patterns. Aerials have been an important component of DVRPC's planning efforts for many years. They are also a popular source of information for consultants, developers, engineers, realtors, and the general public.

DVRPC offers two types of aerial imagery; orthoimagery and traditional or "historical" aerial imagery. The historical aerials are scans of DVRPC's mylar aerial photo enlargements. The orthoimagery consists of rectified or geometrically corrected aerial images. Unlike the traditional or "historical" aerials, the orthoimagery has been processed so that any distortions stemming from topographic relief and camera position are removed. This results in an accurate representation of the Earth's surface. Due to its uniform scale, distances between features can be measured on an orthoimage. Where these features touch the ground, they are shown in their true x and y map position.


  • Available for the years 2000, 2005, 2010 & 2015
  • Covers the entire 3,833 square mile DVRPC 9-county region (Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Montgomery, and Philadelphia counties in Pennsylvania and Burlington, Camden, Gloucester, and Mercer counties in New Jersey)
  • The 2000 orthoimagery is grayscale with a 1.5 sq. ft. pixel resolution, a horizontal positional accuracy of +/-5', and a design scale of 1" = 200'
  • The 2005, 2010 and 2015 orthoimagery is natural color, with a 1 sq. ft. pixel resolution, a horizontal positional accuracy of +/-5', and a design scale of 1" = 200'
  • Orthoimagery tiles are referenced to their respective State Plane map coordinate system (either NJ State Plane NAD83 or PA State Plane South Zone NAD83)
  • Each tile covers approximately 1.6 square miles of land area; Using Geographic Information System (GIS) software, individual tiles can be viewed together as a seamless mosaic of a larger area

DVRPC’s 2005, 2010 and 2015 orthoimagery for Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Montgomery and Philadelphia counties can be accessed and downloaded free of charge via the Pennsylvania Spatial Data Access (PASDA) website.

DVRPC’s 2015 orthoimagery for Burlington, Camden, Gloucester, and Mercer counties can be accessed/downloaded free of charge via the New Jersey Geographic Information Network (NJGIN) website. Although the imagery available via NJGIN is the same as the DVRPC 2015 imagery, individual tiles are based on the New Jersey High Resolution Orthophotography 5,000 foot Tile Index.

Historical Aerial Imagery

  • Available for the years 1959, and 1965 through 1995 in five-year increments
  • Covers the entire 3,833 square mile DVRPC 9-county region (partial coverage in 1959 & 1965)
  • The historical aerial imagery scans are non-orthorectified, grayscale images that have no spatial reference; Each scan covers approximately 3 square miles of land area
  • Scans are in TIFF format (files average 33MB in size)

Aerial Imagery Product Pricing

Historical Aerial Imagery

2000, 2005, 2010 & 2015 Digital (GeoTIFF/MrSID):
$10 per tile

Complete County Set (GeoTIFF/MrSID/MrSID Mosaic):
$3 per tile
Burlington County, NJ - $1,818
Camden County, NJ - $582
Gloucester County, NJ - $825
Mercer County, NJ - $606
Bucks County, PA - $1,413
Chester County, PA - $1,668
Delaware County, PA - $483
Montgomery County, PA - $1,137
Philadelphia County, PA - $399

1959, 1965-1995 Digital (TIFF):
$5 per scan

Complete County Set (TIFF):
$3 per scan

$30 per print (wall size/various scales)
$10 per print (report size/various scales)

Postage will be added to all mail orders. All sales are final. No refunds or exchanges. Please refer to DVRPC's Data Disclaimer for more details.