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Long-Range Plan

For almost 50 years, the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission (DVRPC) has been the principal agency charged with planning for the future of southeastern Pennsylvania and southern New Jersey. Since its inception, DVRPC has worked to address current issues while also looking toward the future to craft a vision for the region in a long-range plan.

DVRPC's designation as the Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) for this region and the regulations of the Intermodal Surface Transportation Efficiency Act (ISTEA) and subsequent transportation bills, have given the Commission an expanded and stronger role in planning to link transportation, land use, and the environment. These federal regulations mandate that DVRPC prepare and maintain a long-range plan with a minimum 20-year planning horizon. The long-range plan is updated every four years.

DVRPC conducts several activities related to the development of the long-range plan and public and regional stakeholder outreach is an important component.

Connections 2040 Plan for Greater Philadelphia

The Connections 2040 Plan for Greater Philadelphia was adopted by the DVRPC Board on July 25, 2013. The Connections 2040 Plan includes land use, environmental, economic competitiveness, and transportation strategies, and includes a set of fiscally constrained transportation projects. The Connections 2040 Plan places a strong emphasis on rebuilding our transportation system and investigating additional transportation funding that is needed to maintain the system we have today, as well as make necessary improvements to maintain our quality of life and enhance economic competitiveness. The Plan focuses on four core principles: creating livable communities; managing growth and protecting the environment; building the economy; and establishing a modern multimodal transportation system.

Regional Indicators

Regional indicators are a means to monitor and evaluate implementation of Long-Range Plan goals and determine if the recommendations are being accomplished. Over 30 indicators are tracked, grouped under the four core principles of the Long-Range Plan. The online Tracking Progress indicators are updated periodically.

Planning at the Edge

This project summarizes interregional issues and projects identified through DVRPC staff outreach to adjacent metropolitan planning organizations and counties with the goal of achieving cooperative solutions. An advisory committee, or forum, meets regularly to initiate discussion on proposed coordination, communication and cooperation techniques, issue and project priorities and other potential collaborative activities.

Central Jersey Forum

Since its conception in 1999, this Forum has evolved into an interactive meeting ground for stakeholders to identify and discuss major transportation and land-use issues. Participants range from public officials and advocacy groups to professionals involved in the private sector. Planning activities promote coordination and consensus building between the various participants and organizations involved.