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Get Involved

Have you ever wondered how regional planning choices are made and how you or your organization can be part of the process? Make your voice heard in the decisions that affect your community and region!

Regional planning addresses issues such as transportation and land use planning, economic development, environmental planning, and sustainability. In order to effectively shape the region's future, Delaware Valley residents need to be informed and involved in the planning process, and public participation is an integral part of that process.

At DVRPC, we believe that planning must be done with the public, as well as for the public. We know that our decisions affect the future of all those who live and work in our region, so we are committed to understanding your diverse needs and concerns, and to learn from your experiences. Through a constructive dialogue, planners, decision-makers, and the public can share their opinions and mutually shape a vision for a neighborhood, community, county, or region. So, whether you are interested in environmental issues, are an avid bicyclist, or are someone who uses our region's roadways and transit, we want you to be involved!

There are a variety of opportunities for the general public and regional stakeholders to participate in DVRPC plans and programs, and to obtain information. We invite you to follow us on Twitter, attend a public meeting, or visit our Resource Center.

Public Participation Task Force

The Task Force is a group comprised of representatives selected from the general public, community and civic organizations, advocacy groups, professional associations, and the private sector to inform DVRPC's Board and staff of local issues and challenges; participate in public service in a meaningful way; address specific policy issues of concern to DVRPC; recommend potential projects to the Commission; offer recommendations regarding public engagement; share DVRPC information with your community and county; and network with a dynamic group of regional leaders and citizens.

Citizen's Guide

Citizens like you are an important part of the planning process. Get the broad picture of regional planning in the Delaware Valley, familiarize yourself with the activities of DVRPC, and find out how you can get involved.

Public Participation Plan

DVRPC's Public Participation Plan is an outline of the Commission's overall strategy for public participation and the policies employed by the agency to enable public involvement.

Title VI / Environmental Justice

Find out more about Environmental Justice (EJ),Title VI of the Civil Rights Act and how DVRPC plans for all residents and stakeholders in the region.

Acronyms List

A glossary of commonly used acronyms in planning and transportation.

Public Notices

Public notices are formal announcements regarding opportunities for public input and comment on significant DVRPC policies and plans, such as the Long-Range Plan or the Transportation Improvement Program (TIP). All recent public notices are posted and archived here.

Regional Student Forum

The Regional Student Forum offers an opportunity for interested students in the region to meet and discuss planning issues.

Comment on Board Actions

The public can now comment on Board Action items using an online commenting application, in addition to commenting by mail, fax, or in person.