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115442 | Vine Street Corridor Safety Improvements (Philadelphia City)

The proposed scope of this project include:
• Road Diet of Vine Street between 8th Street and Broad Street (SR 0611)
• Install a curb protected bike lane in each the eastbound and westbound directions
• Remove on-street parking
• Update signal equipment where necessary

Limits: 7th Street to Broad Street
Air Quality Code: S6

FY2023 TIP for PA Program Years (in Thousands)

Program Year Totals:$625$122$0$0 
Total FY23-FY26 Cost:$747Total FY23-FY34 Cost:$2,314 
All costs in thousands.


PhaseMilestoneEstimated Date
FDPhase Approved by PMC
CONPhase Approved by PMC
FDPhase on Approved STIP
FDStart of Phase2024-02-14
FDPS+E to District Contract Management2026-09-15
CONAward Contract2027-01-10
CONStart of Phase2027-02-09
CONNotice to Proceed2027-02-09
FDCompletion of Phase2027-02-09
CONPhysical Work Complete2028-08-15
CONCompletion of Phase2028-10-14
CONProject Agreement End Date2030-02-13