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111505 | Mid-block Crossing in University City - Drexel University (Philadelphia City)

Fund will go to construct a mid-block crosswalk across Chestnut Street between 33rd and 32nd Streets connecting Drexel University’s campus in the University City neighborhood of Philadelphia.

Limits: 33rd and 32nd Streets
Air Quality Code: A2

FY2023 TIP for PA Program Years (in Thousands)

Program Year Totals:$1,000$0$0$0 
Total FY23-FY26 Cost:$1,000Total FY23-FY34 Cost:$1,000 
All costs in thousands.


PhaseMilestoneEstimated Date
CONPhase Approved by PMC
CONPhase on Approved STIP
CON4232 Approved by FHWA
CONAward Contract2023-06-10
CONNotice to Proceed2023-07-24
CONStart of Phase2023-08-07
CONPhysical Work Complete2024-09-13
CONCompletion of Phase2024-11-12
CONProject Agreement End Date2026-03-14