Draft FY2011 TIP for PA
(Public Comment Documents)

DVRPC is pleased to present the Draft FY 2011 TIP for the Pennsylvania portion of the region. This TIP was developed jointly in cooperation with PennDOT, SEPTA and DVRPC's member counties and cities. The DVRPC Board adopted the final TIP at its July 22 meeting.

The public comment period was conducted jointly with PennDOT and SEPTA and served as an opportunity to comment on PennDOT's State Transportation Improvement Program.

The complete material in the printed TIP document is available on this website, arranged for easy viewing. The "Program Summary and Explanatory Information" section includes a general overview of the TIP and the TIP development process; an explanation of what the TIP is and what can be expected for projects in the TIP; various summaries of the Pennsylvania programs; a description of the TIP Public Involvement process, including issues relating to Environmental Justice (EJ); and, an explanation of funding and phasing codes and the abbreviations used in the project listings. The document also contains three Appendices.

The detailed project listings for each county or transit operator can be viewed using the dropdown boxes below, as can project and EJ maps.

Most documents are in PDF format. To view, you must have the free Adobe Acrobat Reader.


Program Summary and Explanatory Information
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