86244 | River Road at Golden Pheasant over Delaware Canal (Tinicum Township, Bucks County)

This project will provide for the rehabilitation or replacement of the River Road Bridge over the Delaware Canal in Tinicum Township, Bucks County, a Decade of Investment bridge (DOI #2067). The River Road Bridge is poor condition and based on the most recent inspection in November 2016 its condition continues to deteriorate. As a result of this inspection, the bridge’s posted weight was lowered to 15 tons and repairs were made to abutments and guide rail barrier. A final alternative for bridge rehabilitation or replacement is determined upon federal National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) or state Categorical Exclusion clearance.

Air Quality Code: S19

Draft FY2023 TIP for PA Program Years (in Thousands)

Program Year Totals:$701$470$0$0 
Total FY23-FY26 Cost:$1,171Total FY23-FY34 Cost:$7,488 
All costs in thousands.


PhaseMilestoneEstimated Date
PEStart of Phase2012-05-15
PECompletion of Phase2015-04-13
ROWStart of Phase2018-10-01
UTLStart of Phase2018-10-01
UTLCompletion of Phase2019-09-30
ROWCompletion of Phase2021-09-30
CONAward Contract2022-05-01
FDCompletion of Phase2022-05-30
CONNotice to Proceed2022-05-30
CONStart of Phase2022-05-30
PEN. E. P. A. Approval2023-05-30
FDStart of Phase2023-06-19
UTLPlan to Utility Unit2023-09-15
ROWPlan to ROW Unit2023-09-15
CONCompletion of Phase2023-11-30
CONOpen to Traffic2024-04-25
FDPS+E to District Contract Management2026-03-05
CONPhysical Work Complete2027-10-15
CONProject Agreement End Date2029-04-14