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118034 | Spring Garden Connector (Philadelphia City)

To develop a complete street design for Spring Garden Street, in order to better and more safely accommodate all road users, contribute to the sense of place on the corridor, advance the city’s green stormwater management and traffic safety goals, and complete the Center City section of the East Coast Greenway
Spring Garden Street’s current configuration and state of repair does not provide adequate access or safety, resulting in decreased levels of service as well as conflicts and unsafe conditions for all road users.
Design is funded locally with $500,000 of Automated Speed Enforcement (ASE) funds, $1,000,000 City Capital, $1,000,000 PA DCNR Funds, and $2,000,000 of private funds.

Limits: Pennsylvania Ave to N. Christopher Columbus Blvd.
Air Quality Code: A2

FY2025 TIP for PA Program Years (in Thousands)

Program Year Totals:$1,500$2,660$12,782$3,980 
Total FY25-FY28 Cost:$20,922Total FY25-FY36 Cost:$53,550 
All costs in thousands.


PhaseMilestoneEstimated Date
PEPhase Approved by PMC
PEPhase on Approved STIP
FDPhase on Approved STIP
CONPhase Approved by PMC
FDPhase Approved by PMC
PEStart of Phase2023-05-15
PECompletion of Phase2023-10-30
FDStart of Phase2024-10-30
FDCompletion of Phase2024-10-30
CONStart of Phase2025-10-30
CONCompletion of Phase2028-10-30