Transportation and Community Development Initiative (TCDI)

The Transportation and Community Development Initiative (TCDI) is a grant opportunity that funds local planning initiatives that also advance the goals of the region’s long-range plan, Connections 2050: Plan for Greater Philadelphia.TCDI focuses on linking land use, transportation, and economic development planning that:

  • Builds municipal capacity;
  • Enhances the transportation network;
  • Fosters greater regional resilience;
  • Improves overall quality of life;
  • Promotes and encourages the use of transit, bike, and pedestrian transportation modes; and
  • Protects the environment.

FY 2025 Pennsylvania Round

The FY25 PA TCDI grant round is now open for eligible Pennsylvania entities only. DVRPC will be accepting applications from January 11 – March 27, 2024.

Apply Here.

Please review the TCDI Program Guidelines for details regarding the FY25 PA round.

The next New Jersey TCDI Program will be offered in 2025.

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Previous TCDI Projects

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TCDI Management

Consultant Prequalification Requirement

Starting July 1, 2022, DVRPC will require that all consultants meet a set of qualifications in order to perform work funded through the TCDI grant program on behalf of project sponsors.

Qualifications must be submitted through the DVRPC Consultant Qualifications System, and will be reviewed on a rolling basis going forward. A list of consultants prequalified by DVRPC can be found here.


The preparation of TCDI deliverables (reports, map, document, etc.) were financed in part through funds made available by the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission from a grant by the funding agency (PennDOT and/or NJDOT). The contents do not necessarily reflect the views or a policy of the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission, the funding agency or the Federal Government and neither assumes liability for its contents or use.