Building Blocks

A number of reports and analyses help to lay the groundwork for the Connections 2045 Long-Range Plan update. These include 2045 population and employment forecasts, regional indicators, scenario planning and other analytical research, and a full financial plan. DVRPC held a public comment period to give the public an opportunity to comment on the Plan before it was adopted by the DVRPC Board.

Forecasts and Indicators

Scenario Planning and Research

Connections 2045: Greater Philadelphia Future Forces:

  • Recognizes the future is increasingly uncertain due to a variety of emerging social, technological, economic, environmental and political trends.
  • Works with a multidisciplinary external stakeholder expert group to determine the most critical Future Forces in Greater Philadelphia, and analyzed how they may reshape the region.
  • Identifies actions the region can take now to better prepare for a fast changing future.
    • Contingent actions are specific to each Future Force.
    • Universal actions are beneficial regardless of what the future brings.

Learn more about the Future Forces and share your vision for the future

Greater Philadelphia's transportation network could reduce greenhouse gas emissions and increase community livability through:

  • Individual and governmental decision-making and actions.
  • More efficient use of space.
  • Applying technology, pricing, and design.

Networking Transportation explores how to more seamlessly connect the region's transportation, providing more options in how to get around, reducing costs, and more safely and efficiently moving people and goods within existing infrastructure. It analyzes:

  • emerging digital transportation technologies and private digital transportation providers.
  • four scenarios for the future of shared mobility.
  • infrastructure, institutional, and regulatory actions to achieve the vision of an integrated, multimodal transportation network.

Major Regional Projects

Connections 2045 contains an aspirational vision plan for investments the region would like to make in transportation infrastructure, and a fiscally constrained funded plan for what can be afforded given the reasonably anticipated revenue forecast. For a summary of the financial plan, and major regional projects included in either the vision plan or the funded plan, explore the tool below.

Major Regional Projects

Public Comments

Public Comments and DVRPC Responses [1.4 MB PDF]