FTA Now Accepting Public Comments Re: DVRPC Federal Certification Review

The Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission (DVRPC), the Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) for the greater Philadelphia region, recently underwent a Federal Certification review. Certification is a multi-agency activity led by the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) and Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), and is required every four years for all Transportation Management Areas (TMAs), which are defined as urbanized areas with 200,000 or more population. The primary purpose of the certification review is to ensure that federally-required planning activities are being satisfactorily implemented by DVRPC and the Commission is operating according to federal transportation planning laws and regulations, including conducting the "3-C" (Coordinated, Continuing, and Comprehensive) metropolitan transportation planning process, Title VI nondiscrimination mandates, environmental justice, and public participation.

A public session was held on November 6, 2014 to gather comments and answer questions. Stakeholders and members of the public are also invited to submit written comments and questions that will be considered as part of the Certification review. You are invited to send your comments, questions, and ideas regarding DVRPC to the FTA for consideration in this Certification review. Please send all correspondence by January 5, 2015 to:

Mr. Tony Cho
Community Planner
U.S. Department of Transportation
Federal Transit Administration, Region III
1760 Market Street, Suite 500
Philadelphia, PA 19103
Fax: 215.656.7260
Email: tony.cho@dot.gov