Household Travel Survey

DVRPC is the official Metropolitan Planning
Organization for the Greater Philadelphia Region.


DVRPC Household Travel Survey

The Delaware Valley Region is growing and changing and with your help, the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission can plan now for our shared future. DVRPC is the Metropolitan Planning Organization for the Greater Philadelphia Region, and fosters regional cooperation to address key issues, including transportation, land use, environmental protection, and economic development. We're conducting a Household Travel Survey (HTS) to learn how people travel in our region to help planners take steps to improve mobility, safety, and the economic vitality of the Greater Philadelphia area.

Participation is easy and voluntary and information collected is confidential. We're currently inviting randomly selected households by phone and by mail; if you answer the call to join, you'll be asked to complete a diary of your travel on a single day. That's it!

To everyone who answers the call: Thank you!

Learn More About HTS...

If you have received a letter and wish to begin your survey, click here, or call 1-800-334-4702.

2012 Household Travel Survey

This is a short introduction to the 2012 DVRPC Household Travel Survey by the DVRPC Executive Director, Barry Seymour.