Transportation and Community Development Initiative (TCDI)

The Transportation and Community Development Initiative (TCDI) is an opportunity to support smart growth initiatives that implement the Connections 2045 Plan for Greater Philadelphia. TCDI focuses on linking land use and transportation planning by:

  • Improving the overall character and quality of life;
  • Enhancing the existing transportation infrastructure capacity;
  • Promoting and encouraging the use of transit, bike, and pedestrian transportation modes;
  • Building capacity in our older suburbs and neighborhoods;
  • Reinforcing and implementing improvements in designated Centers; and
  • Protecting our environment.








2017 Projects

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Older TCDI Projects Archive

How to Apply for a TCDI Grant

DVRPC grants will be offered for FY 2019. On March 13th, 2018, DVRPC will conduct an information session to answer questions about the application process. Attendence at this session is mandatory for prospective applicants. A local government representative (staff or elected appointed official) must attend. Consultants are not considered a representative of the community. In the case of a multi-municipal project, the lead municipality must attend. Should an applicant not be able to attend the scheduled meeting, the applicant should contact DVRPC as soon as possible.

Register Here
March 13, 2018
4:00-6:00 PM
DVRPC Main Conference Center
190 N. Independence Mall West
8th Floor
Philadelphia, PA 19106

2018 TCDI Schedule

The next TCDI round will be held in the Spring 2018. Below is the tentative schedule.

March 8, 2018DVRPC distributes TCDI Program Guide
March 13, 2018Information Session at DVRPC
March 14, 2018Application portal opens
April 20, 2018Applications/Attachments due
May 20, 2018Resolutions must be received
April-May 2018Review by TCDI Review Committee(s)
June 28, 2018DVRPC Board Meeting
TBDContract Meeting for Awardees
July 1, 2018Funding available for reimbursement
December 30, 2018Competitive RFP Process must be completed
June 30, 2020Project tasks must be completed