Climate Adaptation Forum

The Climate Adaptation Forum (formerly the Climate Change Adaptation Community of Practice) is an ongoing series of DVRPC-hosted, half-day workshops, taking place two to four times per year. It brings together professionals currently engaged in preparing for climate change. Each workshop features one or more professionals presenting on their current activities related to addressing a particular climate change adaptation issue. This workshop series is solutions focused.

Waterfront Development in a Changing Climate – June 20, 2017

A changing climate affects how professionals plan for and execute waterfront development. New threats include rising seas, heavier storms, stronger winds, and increased riverine flooding, in addition to more hot days, fewer days below freezing, and longer periods of drought. This event provided a forum for those who work on waterfront development to learn about and discuss threats and solutions.

Public Health and Climate Change – February 7, 2017

Co-hosted with DVRPC’s Healthy Communities Task Force, this workshop gathered planners and public health professionals to hear about the likely effects of climate change on public health and steps being taken to prepare and adapt state and local health systems to these changes. The workshop featured presentations by representatives of the Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, the New Jersey Climate Change and Public Health Working Group, and the Philadelphia Department of Public Health.

Forests, Urban Trees, and Climate Change – October 25, 2016

This workshop provided forestry and urban tree professionals a better understanding of how trees in our region are expected to respond to the inevitable threats of climate change. The workshop included presentations by expert panelists about their research on the health of current tree species and the selection of species in the future. Panelists also took questions from workshop participants.