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The most prominent themes identified in the drafting of The Connections 2045 Plan form the five core principles of the Plan. The principles cover The ENVIRONMENT, LIVABLE COMMUNITIES, ECONOMIC COMPETITIVENESS, EQUITY, and TRANSPORTATION. While the core principles are interrelated, each addresses its own issues and challenges, and comes with a set of goals and strategies for implementation. On this page, tools are categorized by which Principle of the Plan they can help municipalities implement. Click on the + sign next to each goal to see the related tools.

Sustain The Environment

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Connections 2045 aims to SUSTAIN THE ENVIRONMENT by permanently protecting one million acres of open space. This will improve the region’s air and water quality, preserve historic and cultural resources, and increase access to healthy, locally-produced food.

Develop Livable Communities

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Connections 2045 seeks to DEVELOP LIVABLE COMMUNITIES by focusing growth in 125 Centers across the region. More compact, mixed-use, and mixed-income development will shorten distances between destinations, and encourage alternative and active forms of transportation.

Expand the Economy

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Connections 2045 will work to further diversify and EXPAND THE ECONOMY, with more innovation, business formation, workforce skills, and global connections.

Advance Equity and Foster Diversity

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Connections 2045 aims to ADVANCE EQUITY AND FOSTER DIVERSITY by removing barriers, and protecting Civil Rights and the most vulnerable people. The Plan aims to reduce poverty, increase economic mobility, and support racially and socioeconomically integrated communities.

Create an Integrated, Multimodal Transportation Network

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Connections 2045 aims to improve mobility choices by CREATING AN INTEGRATED, MULTIMODAL TRANSPORTATION NETWORK that is well-maintained, improves accessibility and security, reduces congestion and auto-dependence, incorporates new services and technologies, and moves the region toward zero roadway deaths.

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