Tracking Progress Toward 2035

Regional Indicators for Connections – The Regional Plan for a Sustainable Future

The Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission (DVRPC) adopted Connections – The Regional Plan for a Sustainable Future, in July 2009. Connections is a comprehensive blueprint that identifies important regional policies and planning objectives to maintain the region's infrastructure and promote a sustainable future.

As part of the long-range planning effort, DVRPC utilizes meaningful, reliable, and easy-to-replicate data to track the region's progress towards the goals of the long-range plan, and compiles the data in a Tracking Progress report. Regional indicator data are used to highlight successful programs and to identify which programs should be reviewed for effectiveness. Ultimately, Tracking Progress is meant to be used as a tool to align DVRPC's planning and implementation activities and to serve as a guide for the region's investment strategies.

In the past, the regional indicator data has been compiled into a report. Since much of the data that was presented in the last Tracking Progress report is currently being updated using various government and organizational sources, Tracking Progress Toward 2035, will primarily be a web-based effort. Data will be updated as it becomes available, which will allow DVRPC to address each goal in a timely and dynamic fashion. Once the majority of the indicators are updated, DVRPC will publish a summary Tracking Progress document.

Regional Indicators for the Core Planning Principles of the Connections Plan


Modernizing the Transportation System


Building an Energy-Efficient Economy


Creating Livable Communities


Managing Growth and Protecting our Natural Resources