Direct Technical Assistance For Saving Energy in Your Operations

Every municipality has opportunities for energy savings! Many of these opportunities are easy to achieve at low or no cost. In these times of tight budgets and limited staffing, many municipalities simply don't have the time to sift through competing options (and sales pitches) for energy efficiency improvements.

The Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission (DVRPC), your regional planning agency, is pleased to announce free one-on-one direct technical assistance to reduce energy costs—designed explicitly for local governments in southeastern Pennsylvania.

What is Direct Technical Assistance?

DVRPC's Direct Technical Assistance will work hand-in-hand with up to a dozen municipalities in southeastern Pennsylvania to identify opportunities for you to reduce energy costs in your operations. This assistance will be provided at no cost to the selected municipalities. A key goal of this work is to make energy management a part of your day-to-day operations.

To apply, please review the application instructions.
The application form can be accessed to ways:
To fill out the form on your computer click here.
To print and fill out the form by hand click here.

Please return application by mail, e-mail, or fax to:
Liz Compitello
Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission
190 N. Independence Mall West
Philadelphia, PA 19106
Fax: 215.592.9125

For more information or clarification on any of these questions, please contact
Liz Compitello at 215.238.2897 or

How can energy management help you? Here are just three recent examples from our region:

  • A municipality in eastern Delaware County reduced its electricity bill by 30 percent after an interior delamping and lighting upgrade.
  • A municipality in northeastern Chester County reduced its electricity bill by 15 percent after installing a programmable thermostat.
  • A municipal wastewater pump station in southern Delaware County reduced its electricity bill by 17 percent after replacing one of its pumps.