Partner Data

DVRPC provides access to data from a number of our partners, including federal agencies such as the Census Bureau. View maps of the functional classification system, find info on current highway and bridge projects, view various GIS mapping applications, or find info on housing construction.


Information about and data from the American Community Survey (ACS) and the decennial Census data is posted as it is released. Preparations for the 2020 Census will also be described as information is available.

GIS Data

A Geographic Information System (GIS) is an important planning tool that provides benefits to DVRPC, its member agencies, and others by supporting state, regional, county, and local planning and technical efforts. Nearly all projects incorporate GIS technology, whether it is for data collection and storage, or analysis and presentation. GIS allows planners to view and query spatial data, perform advanced analysis to discover relationships, patterns, and trends, and effectively present information to decision-makers and the public.

Highways and Bridges

The region is served by an interstate highway system, freeways, major toll facilities and thousands of bridges. Partners regularly collect and display data regarding usage and condition.