Guide for municipalities.

Implementing Connections: A Guide for Municipalities gives a concise description of the many municipal tools and policies that can be used to implement the Connections plan. The links provided below serve to provide more detailed information about these tools and policies and how they can be used by your community. These tools are organized by the four key plan principles: managing growth and protecting resources; creating livable communities; building an energy-efficient economy; and modernizing the transportation system. A fifth set of links, Implementing the Plan, focuses on DVRPC programs and services. Many of the links will take you to pages outside the DVRPC web domain.

Managing Growth and Protecting Resources

Growth Management and Land Preservation

Transfer of Development Rights (TDR)
DVRPC New Jersey TDR Task Force
Montgomery County Planning Commission A Guidebook for Creating a Municipal TDR Program [4 MB .pdf]
Lancaster County Planning Commission and Brandywine Conservancy: The Lancaster County Practitioner's TDR Handbook[.pdf]
Conservation Tools Definition of TDR
New Jersey Department of Community Affairs TDR

Conservation Design
Natural Lands Trust Growing Greener
Montgomery County Planning Commission Rural Residential District [22.6 MB pdf]
DVRPC's Municipal Planning Services

Conservation Easements
Heritage Conservancy Using Conservation Easements to Preserve Open Space [1 MB .pdf]
Natural Lands Trust About Conservation Easements
Conservation Tools Model Ordinance

Parkland Dedications
Conservation Tools Land Dedication

Dedicated Open Space Funding
Heritage Conservancy's Public Finance for Open Space [0.9 MB pdf]
DVRPC Local Funding Programs

Natural Resource and Farmland Protection

Stream Corridor Protection Ordinances
Association of New Jersey Environmental Commissions Protecting Our Streams [0.4 MB .pdf]
Montgomery County Planning Commission Guidebook for Riparian Corridor Conservation [1.7 MB .pdf]

Stormwater Ordinances
New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection NJ Stormwater Best Practices Manual
Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection Pennsylvania Stormwater Best Management Practices Manual
Philadelphia Water Department Office of Watersheds Green City, Clean Waters
Chester County Water Resources Authority Post Construction Stormwater Management Model Ordinance
Center for Watershed Protection Model Ordinances

Steep Slope Ordinances
New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection Steep Slope Model Ordinance [0.1 MB .pdf]

Floodplain Management Ordinances
Association of New Jersey Environmental Commissions Flood Hazard Area Regulations

Environmental Resource Inventories (ERI)
Association of New Jersey Environmental Commissions ERIs

Master Plan Conservation Elements
Association of New Jersey Environmental Commissions The Master Plan [0.1 MB.pdf]

Agricultural Zoning
Smart Communities Network Model Agricultural Zoning Ordinance

Sliding Scale Zoning
ClearWater Conservancy Agriculture Preservation Models

Additional Resources
DVRPC Natural Resource Protection Tools
DVRPC's Municipal Planning Services

Increase Local Food Production and Distribution

Preserve Historic and Cultural Resources

Creating Livable Communities

Smart Growth

Traditional Neighborhood Development (TND)
Pennsylvania State Association of Township Supervisors Pennsylvania Municipalities Planning Code TND
Conservation Tools TND
Montgomery County Planning Commission Town Center District Model Ordinance

Transit-Oriented Development (TOD)
New Jersey Department of Transportation Transit Village Initiative
City of Philadelphia TOD Template Zoning Code Standards [1.8 MB pdf]
Victoria Transportation Policy Institute TOD

Transit Revitalization Investment District (TRID)
Pennsylvania Governor's Center for Local Government Services Land Use Planning and Technical Assistance Program [0.4 MB .pdf]

Overlay Zones
Sample Ordinance: Wayne Business Overlay District
Community and Economic Development Toolbox Overlay Zones

Form-Based Zoning
SmartCode Central v9.2
Form-Based Code Institute Homepage

Performance Zoning
Smart Communities Network Performance Zoning Model Ordinance Bucks County, Pennsylvania

Live/Work Zoning
American Planning Association Model Smart Land Development Regulations [0.9 MB .pdf]

Retail Caps
Community and Economic Development Toolbox Retail Caps

Additional Resources
Association of New Jersey Environmental Commissions Smart Growth, The Master Plan and Environmental Protection [0.1 MB .pdf]
Delaware Valley Smart Growth Alliance Homepage
NJ Future: Smart Growth Scorecard for Proposed Developments
NJ Future: Municipal Planning Scorecard
Lincoln Institute of Land Policy Visualizing Density
Smart Smart Growth Resource Library
Victoria Transportation Policy Institute Livability
Victoria Transportation Policy Institute Smart Growth

Infill and Redevelopment

Affordable Housing and Housing for Seniors

Universal Design Standards
North Carolina State University Center for Universal Design
Universal Design Alliance Resources
Victoria Transportation Policy Institute Universal Design

Housing Maintenance and Rehabilitation Programs and Modification Programs
New Jersey Housing Resource Center
JEVS Human Services Home Modifications in Pennsylvania

Accessory Dwelling Units
DVRPC Aging In Place Municipal Implementation Tool
Montgomery County Planning Commission Model Ordinance for Mixed Residential Development [2.4 MB .pdf]
State of Massachusetts Smart Growth/Smart Energy Toolkit: Accessory Dwelling Units

Share a Single-family Residence
Shared Housing Center Homepage
Pennsylvania Intra-Governmental Council on Long Term Care Housing Alternatives Work Group Report on Non-Traditional Housing Options [0.04 MB .doc]

Housing Units Above Commercial and Retail Spaces
San Francisco Planning and Urban Research Association Housing Above Retail

Inclusionary Zoning
DVRPC Inclusionary Zoning Municipal Implementation Tool
PolicyLink Toolkit: Inclusionary Zoning
National Center for Housing Policy The Effects of Inclusionary Zoning on Local Housing Markets

Additional Resources
Washington Area Housing Partnership Toolkit for Affordable Housing Development [1.7 MB .pdf]
California Department of Housing and Community Development Aging In Place and Universal Design Resources [0.7 MB .pdf]
American Association of Retired Persons Housing Choices
Smart Housing

Community Green Infrastructure

Green Roofs
Philadelphia Horticultural Society Green Initiatives
Green Roofs for Healthy Cities North America

Green Streets
Context Sensitive Green Streets

Neighborhood Parks
American Planning Association City Parks Forum

Rain Gardens
Native Plant Society of New Jersey

Better Site Design for Incorporating Green Infrastructure
Center for Watershed Protection Better Site Design Resources

Rails to Trails Conservancy Homepage
University of North Carolina Highway Safety Research Center Walking Info
University of North Carolina Highway Safety Research Center Biking Info

Greening Vacant Lots
Philadelphia Horticultural Society Vacant Land Management

Tree Ordinance
Conservation Tree Ordinance

Buffer Zones
Pennsylvania Stormwater Best Management Practices Manual Riparian Buffer Restoration [0.9 MB .pdf]

Municipal Tree Management
DVRPC Municipal Tree Planning Municipal Implementation Tool

Tree Protection and Maintenance
Penn State A Guide to Preserving Trees in Development Projects [1.5 MB .pdf]

Additional Resources
Treevitalize Homepage
Penn State Natural Resources Extension
PA Community Forests Publications
Pennsylvania Horticultural Society All About Trees

Building an Energy-Efficient Economy

Enhancing the Climate for Business Growth

Tax Increment Financing
Lincoln Institute of Land Policy A Tool For Local Economic Development
Lancaster County Smart Growth Toolbox: Tax Increment Financing

Enterprise Zones
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Enterprise Zone Program
New Jersey Enterprise Zone Program

Land Value Taxation
Lincoln Institute of Land Policy Assessing the Theory and Practice of Land Value Taxation
Center for the Study of Economics Homepage
Henry George Foundation of America Homepage

Business Improvement Districts
State University of New York Press Business Improvement Districts [0.3 MB .pdf]
Cornell University Restructuring Local Government State Enabling Legislation
East Passyunk Avenue Business Improvement District Homepage
City Avenue Special Services District Homepage
Collingswood Partners Homepage
Community and Economic Development Toolbox BIDs

Main Street Programs
National Trust for Historic Preservation About Main Street
Main Street New Jersey
Pennsylvania Downtown Center Main Street Program

Increasing Energy Efficiency and Conservation

An Inventory of Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions and Energy Use
DVRPC Regional Greenhouse Gas Inventory

Baseline Energy Analysis of Municipal Operations
EPA Energy Star Portfolio Manager for benchmarking buildings and facilities
DVRPC Local Energy and GHG Reduction Toolkit (Forthcoming)

Alternative Energy Ordinances
DVRPC Alternative Energies Ordinance Work Group

Green Building and Energy Efficient Design Standards
DVRPC Planning and Zoning for Green Buildings Municipal Implementation Tool

Energy Efficient Traffic Signals and Streetlights
DVRPC Energy Efficient Traffic Signals and Streetlights Webpage

Energy Audits
New Jersey Clean Energy Program's Local Government Energy Audit
New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection: How to Conduct an Energy Audit: A Short Guide for Local Governments and Communities [.pdf]

Energy-Efficient Purchasing
EPA Energy Star Purchasing & Procurement guidance

Energy Performance Contracting
Introduction to Energy Performance Contracting, prepared for the U.S. EPA [.pdf]
Pennsylvania's Guaranteed Energy Savings Act (GESA) performance contracting program

Green Fleet and Commute
Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection's Alternative Fuels Incentive Grant Program (AFIG)
Sustainable Jersey. Click on "Green Fleets" under Operations & Maintenance for useful resources

Modernizing the Transportation System

Building a Multimodal Network

Complete Streets
National Complete Streets Coalition Homepage
American Association of Retired Persons Planning Complete Streets for an Aging America
Federal Highway Administration Older Road Users

Road Diets
DVRPC Road Diet Municipal Implementation Tool

Community Shuttle Programs
Bucks County TMA Homepage
Cross County Connection TMA Homepage
Delaware County TMA Homepage
Chester County TMA Homepage
Greater Mercer TMA Homepage
Greater Valley Forge TMA Homepage
The Partnership TMA Homepage
Central Philadelphia TMA Homepage
Victoria Transportation Policy Institute Shuttle Services Encyclopedia

Context-Sensitive Design/Context-Sensitive Solutions
DVRPC, PennDOT, and NJDOT Smart Transportation Guidebook
Context Sensitive Homepage

Park-and-Ride Programs
Victoria Transportation Policy Institute Park and Ride Encyclopedia

Additional Resources
Institute of Transportation Engineers Multimodal Transportation Planning


Traffic Calming
DVRPC Traffic Calming Municipal Implementation Tool
Victoria Transportation Policy Institute Traffic Calming Encyclopedia

Access Management
Pennsylvania Department of Transportation Access Management Modal Ordinances [2.6 MB .pdf]
Victoria Transportation Policy Institute Access Management Encyclopedia

Traffic Signal Systems
National Cooperative Highway Research Program Implementation Guide
Federal Highway Administration Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices
Community and Economic Development Toolbox for Traffic Signal Management

Road Safety Audit (RSA)
DVRPC Safety Action Plan
Federal Highway Administration RSA

DVRPC Regional Roundabout Analysis Phase I
DVRPC Regional Roundabout Analysis Phase II

Additional Resources
DVRPC Safety Resources
Institute of Transportation Engineers Safety


Sustainable Transportation

Transportation Funding

Implementing the Plan

Funding Opportunities

Transportation Enhancements (TE)
DVRPC TE Program

Home Town Streets
DVRPC Home Town Streets Program

Safe Route to School
DVRPC Safe Routes to School Program
DVRPC Safe Routes to School Municipal Implementation Tool
Federal Highway Administration Safe Routes to School

Transportation and Community Development Initiative (TCDI)

Efficient Growth for Growing Suburbs (EGGS)

Multimunicipal Planning

DVRPC Programs and Services

Classic Towns
DVRPC Classic Towns of Greater Philadelphia

Corridor Studies
DVRPC Corridor Planning

Local Area Plans
DVRPC Local Area Plans

Open Space and Natural Resource Planning Incentive Grants
DVRPC Open Space Planning

Municipal Implementation Toolbox (MIT)