The DVRPC Board

10:00 am

Commission Office
The ACP Building - 8th Floor
190 N. Independence Mall West
Philadelphia, PA 19106
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1.    Minutes of Meeting of March 26, 2009

2.    DVRPC Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) Actions   
a.    NJ09-20 - Pedestrian and Bicycle Facilities and Street Lighting in Haddon Heights (MPMS # to be determined), Camden County
b.    PA09-31- Capital Assistance for Purchase of Accessible Small Transit Vehicles, Section 5310 Program (MPMS #82860), PennDOT's Bureau of Public Transportation
c.    PA09-32a – US 202 Parkway, Pickertown Road to PA 611 (Section 721) (MPMS #47395), Bucks County
d.    PA09-32b – US 202 Parkway, PA 463 to Pickertown Road (Section 711) (MPMS #47396), Bucks County
e.    PA09-33 – US 202, 5-Points Intersection (Section 71A) (MPMS #63493), Montgomery County
f.    PA09-35 – Swamp Road Corridor Improvement (MPMS #64780), Bucks County
g.    PA09-36 – PA 309 Connector Project – Phase I (MPMS #16438), Montgomery County
h.    PA09-37 – Regional Rail Signal Modernization Program (MPMS #60255), Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA)

3.    Approval of Transportation Enhancement (TE) Funding Requests
    a.    Historic Wayne Station Renovation, Delaware County     

SEPTA is requesting Board approval to obligate TE funds for the renovation of the SEPTA Wayne Train Station.

    b.    Tidal Schuylkill Greenway Project, Philadelphia

The Schuylkill River Development Corporation is requesting that $1 million in discretionary TE funding be transferred to the Schuylkill River Trail from the Grays Ferry Avenue Streetscape MPMS #77451. 

4.    Authorization to Open a Public Comment Period for the Draft Connections 2035 Long Range Plan (LRP); the Draft FY 2010-2013 New Jersey TIP; and the Draft Conformity Finding of the FY 2009 Pennsylvania TIP, FY 2010 New Jersey TIP, and the Connections 2035 LRP    

Board approval is needed to open a 30-day public comment period for the purpose of gathering public and agency comments for the draft LRP; the Draft FY 2010-2013 New Jersey TIP; and the Draft Conformity Finding on the Pennsylvania and New Jersey TIP's and LRP.  The documents will be available for review and comment by May 20, 2009 and Board adoption will be requested at the July 23, 2009 Board Meeting.  

5.    Approval to forward Correspondence Regarding Aviation Reauthorization from the DVRPC Regional Aviation Committee (RAC) to the Regional Congressional Delegation    

The RAC is requesting approval of a letter to be sent to the regional Congressional representatives in preparation for legislative deliberations regarding re-funding of the airport and aviation operations nationally.

6.    Approval of FY 2010 Project Selections and TIP Commitment for the New Jersey Job Access and Reverse Commute (JARC) and New Freedom (NF) Grant Programs    

Staff will present, for Board approval, the recommended projects for the FY 2010 New Jersey Job Access and Reverse Commute and New Freedom Programs.

7.    Approval of the Recommended Project Selections for the FY 2009 Efficient Growth in Growing Suburbs (EGGS) Program    

The EGGS grant program is a new initiative targeted toward the region's growing suburbs to improve growth management and community design and to optimize the efficiency of the transportation network.  DVRPC staff will present the recommended projects for Board approval.

8.    Appointment of Nominating Committee for Fiscal Year 2010 DVRPC Board Officers   

A Nominating Committee will be selected to appoint candidates for Board Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, and Treasurer for Fiscal Year 2010 (July 1, 2009 through June 30, 2010).  The Chair for FY 2010 must be from New Jersey.  The committee will report these candidates at the May Board Meeting and elections will take place at the June Board Meeting.


9.        Regional Citizens Committee (RCC) Report    

    The activities from the RCC Meeting of April 14, 2009 will be reported to the Board.


10.        City of Philadelphia Sustainability Framework    

Mark Alan Hughes, PhD., Chief Policy Adviser to the Mayor, Director of Sustainability, City of Philadelphia, will present the goals, targets, and initiatives of the Mayor's Office of Sustainability.


11.    Summary of Research for TransitChek Program    

DVRPC consultant, Portfolio Associates, will present the initial findings for an in-depth marketing research project conducted in the fall for the TransitChek Program. 

12.    Executive Director's Report  

    a.        DVRPC Annual Dinner
    b.    Southeastern Pennsylvania Elected Officials Caucus
    c.    Regional Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy
    d.    Pennsylvania Community Transportation Initiative Recommendations
    e.    Water Resources Association Award for Camden County MUA
    f.    Ozone Action Season Kick-Off

13.    Committee Reports

a.    Planning Coordinating Committee/Regional Transportation Committee    -    Donald S. Shanis
b.    Delaware Valley Goods Movement Task Force    -     Ted Dahlburg
c.    Land Use and Housing Committee    -    Mary Bell

14.        One Minute Reports   

Board Members and Alternates are invited to provide updates on the activities of their counties/agencies.



  1. Minutes of meeting of March 26, 2008
  2. Commissioner Summary Sheets (Action Items 2a, 2b, 2c, 2d, 2e, 2f, 2g, 2h, 3a, 3b, 4, 5, 6, and 7)
  3. PCC/RTC Recommendations for April 23, 2009





1.     Minutes of Meeting of March 26, 2009


2.     Contract Authorization:  Mount Holly Township Form Based Code  


3.     Appointment of Nominating Committee for Fiscal Year 2010 DVRPC Executive Committee Officers




4.     FY 2009 Planning Work Program Third Quarter Report








        (1)  Commissioner Summary Sheet (Action Item 2)

        (2)  Minutes of Meeting of March 26, 2009


** Voting Members:

New Jersey                                                           Pennsylvania

NJ Dept. Of Community Affairs: Joyce Paul        PA Governor's Policy Office:  Joanne Denworth

NJ Dept. Of Transportation:  David A. Kuhn         PA Dept. of Transportation: James Ritzman

NJ Governor's Appointee:  Joseph Neal, Esq.      PA Governor's Appointee: David Mandelbaum

NJ Counties: Louis Cappelli, Jr., Esq.                  PA Counties: Carol Aichele

City of Camden: Edward Williams                       City of Philadelphia: Rina Cutler