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1. Minutes of Meeting of December 9, 2004

2. Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) Actions

a. TIP Action NJ05-02a: I-295 / Route 42 / I-76 Direct Connection, Camden County ($1.362 million)

b. TIP Action NJ05-02b:
Route 130, Kinkora Branch Bridges Removal Burlington County ($5.889 million)

c. TIP Action NJ05-03: Route 44 Mantua Creek Bridge, Gloucester County ($5.205 million)

d. TIP Action PA05-09: Lancaster Avenue (US Route 30) Closed Loop Traffic Control System, Delaware County ($100,000)

e. TIP Action PA05-10: Ben Franklin Bridge Philadelphia Operational Improvements, Philadelphia ($5 million)

f. TIP Action PA05-11: Belfield Avenue Signal Improvements, Philadelphia ($1.760 million)

3. Approval to "Flex" $9.8 Million of Federal Highway Funds to Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA) for Operating Budget Relief
On December 21, 2004, Governor Ed Rendell announced a stop-gap funding strategy to use "flexed" highway funds to forestall SEPTA service reductions and fare increases. The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PENNDOT) has requested that DVRPC flex $9.8 million of federal highway funds to SEPTA from the FY 2005 TIP.

4. Adoption of the DVRPC Fiscal Year 2006 Planning Work Program (PWP)
Distribution and review of the Fiscal Year 2006 PWP is complete. The PWP consists of: DVRPC's Regular Work Program, Supportive Regional Highway Planning Program, and the Transit Support Program. Board adoption is now being requested for this document.

5. Approval of the DVRPC Project Rankings for the Pennsylvania Portion of the Draft Regional Airport Capital Improvement Program (ACIP) for State Fiscal Year 2005 and Federal Fiscal Year 2006
Staff will present the ACIP project ranking list which has been developed from ongoing DVRPC discussions with the Pennsylvania Bureau of Aviation (BOA) and the input of airport sponsors via 12-year plan documents. Board approval is being requested for the recommended Pennsylvania ACIP projects.

6. Adoption of DVRPC's Destination 2030: A Vision for the Future
Staff will present and request approval of the DVRPC Destination 2030: A Vision for the Future report. This report addresses eight critical issue areas that will impact the future development of the region. The report identifies a vision statement and goals for each issue area.

7. FY 2005 Pennsylvania and New Jersey Job Access and Reverse Commute (JARC) Grant Program and TIP Commitment
The Board will be requested to approve the recommended applicants and project priorities for the FY 2005 JARC funds in Pennsylvania and New Jersey and approve TIP commitments for future project grant approvals.


8. TEA-21 Reauthorization
Commissioner Jack Lettiere, New Jersey Department of Transportation, will discuss the TEA-21 Reauthorization.


9. Regional Citizens Committee (RCC) Report
Dennis Winters, Chair of the RCC, will report to the Board the activities of the RCC's Meeting of January 18, 2005.


10. Executive Director's Report
a. Transportation and Community Development Initiative (TCDI) Program Evaluation Report
b. Philadelphia Traffic Club Award
c. Alliance Reception, Coatesville: Building a Walkable, Livable, Affordable 21st Century City, February 9, 2005, Marriott Philadelphia West


11. Committee Reports
a. Planning Coordinating Committee/Regional Transportation Committee - Donald Shanis
b. Information Resources Exchange Group - Barry Seymour
c. Regional Aviation Committee - Roger Moog
d. Regional Land Use and Development Committee - Barry Seymour
e. Goods Movement Task Force - John J. Coscia

11 One Minute Reports
Board Members and alternates are invited to provide updates on the activities of their counties/agencies.




(1) Minutes of meeting of December 9, 2004
(2) Commissioner Summary Sheets (Action Items 2a, 2b, 2c, 2d, 2e, 2f, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7)
(3) PCC/RTC Recommendations for January 27, 2005