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1. Minutes of Meeting of May 23, 2013


2. Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) Actions

  1. PA13-38: Delaware County Act 13 Local Bridges, (Various MPMS#s),  Delaware County
  2. PA13-39: Wall and Pavement Repair, SR 0032 - LG1(River Road), (MPMS# 87744), Bucks County
  3. PA13-40: 30th Street Station Bridges, (MPMS# 64844), City of Philadelphia  
  4. NJ12-68: South Jersey Bus Rapid Transit (SJ BRT)/Avandale Park and   Ride (Bus Livability) (DB# T630), NJ TRANSIT
  5. NJ12-70: Preventive Maintenance - Bus (DB# T135), NJ TRANSIT
  6. NJ12-71: Route 70, Route 38 to Cropwell Road (DB# 11338), Camden and Burlington Counties

3. Federal Functional Classification Review and Update

Recently, DVRPC adopted new Adjusted Urbanized Area boundaries based on the 2010 Census. Changes to the Urbanized Area require updates to the Federal Functional Classification of roadways in the affected area. This update provides a good opportunity for DOTs and County Planning Commissions to re-assess the functional classification of all roadways according to the character of service they are intended to provide and changes to the roadway system since 2000. Staff will present the updates and ask for Board approval.

4. FFY 2012 New Jersey Job Access / Reverse Commute (JARC) and New Freedom Projects

DVRPC’s CHSTP Selection Committee has developed a recommended list of New Jersey JARC and New Freedom projects proposed for one-year of funding. Staff will provide an overview and will ask that the Board approve the recommended projects.

5. Annual Self-Certification of the Regional Transportation Planning Process

Federal regulations require that the Metropolitan Planning Organization self-certify that the Regional Transportation Planning Process is carried out in conformance with applicable federal regulations. Staff will present its recommendation for Board adoption.

6. Election of Fiscal Year 2014 Board Officers

Elections will take place for the Fiscal Year 2014 DVRPC Board Officers. At this time nominations may be taken from the floor.


7. One Minute Reports

Board Members and Alternates are invited to provide updates on the activities of their counties/agencies.


8.  2010 GHG emissions inventory

The recently completed Regional Energy Use and Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory provides an accounting of energy use and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions for the nine-county DVRPC region for 2010. This inventory follows up on the 2005 inventory released in 2009, and was carried out in close consultation with the US EPA to assure the protocol used conforms where possible to the agency's current thinking on MPO-level inventories. DVRPC also consulted with the counties and coordinated with the City of Philadelphia, which produces a GHG inventory of its own. The results show a decrease in regional GHG emissions of just under seven percent between 2005 and 2010.

9. Shared Services Municipal Implementation Tool

In many cases, sharing services allows municipalities to decrease both the cost and the complexity of the services they provide to their constituents while providing a higher level of service overall. In the DVRPC region, there are many examples of service sharing; it has been embraced by members of both political parties as a fiscally responsible method of service delivery.

10.  Executive Director's Report

  1. Pennsylvania Transportation Funding
  2. Long Range Plan Public Meetings
  3. NJ TIP Public Meetings
  4. World Class Philadelphia Infrastructure Forum
  5. Regional Trail Program
  6. NARC Conference

11.  Committee Reports

  1. Regional Technical Committee
  2. Information Resources Exchange Group
  3. Regional Safety Task Force
  4. Transportation Operations Task Force
  5. Regional Aviation Committee
  6. Regional Community and Economic Development Forum






  1. Draft Minutes of Meeting of May 23, 2013
  2. Commissioner Summary Sheet (Action Items 2a, 2b, 2c, 2d, 2e, 2f, 3, 4, and 5)
  3. FFY 2012 New Jersey JARC and NF summary memo, committee ranking of applications
  4. Draft Resolution No. B-FY-13-002
  5. Proposed functional classification changes map and tables.