Transportation and Community Development Initiative (TCDI)

The Transportation and Community Development Initiative (TCDI) is a grant program of the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission (DVRPC) that supports local development and redevelopment efforts in qualifying municipalities of the Delaware Valley. Begun in 2002 to reverse the trends of disinvestment and decline in many of the region's core cities and developed communities, TCDI provides a mechanism for municipalities to undertake locally-directed actions to improve their communities, which in turn implements their local and county comprehensive plans and supports the goals and vision of the long-range land use and transportation plan, Connections 2040. It seeks to support and leverage state and county programs by providing funding in selected areas to undertake planning, analysis, or design initiatives for projects or programs which enhance development or redevelopment and enhance or improve the efficiency of the regional transportation system. Funding for the TCDI program comes from a combination of state transportation dollars and federal STP funds. Through fiscal years 2002-2017, DVRPC has distributed $16 million to over 230 communities throughout the region for TCDI planning grants. These projects are located in the downtowns, commercial centers, neighborhoods, and transit corridors within the region's older suburbs and Core Cities of Camden, Chester, Trenton, and Philadelphia.

TCDI Goals

TCDI is an opportunity for DVRPC to support growth in the individual municipalities of the Delaware Valley through initiatives that implement the region's long-range plan for Greater Philadelphia, Connections 2040. This initiative focuses on linking land use and transportation planning by:

  • Supporting local planning projects that will lead to more residential, employment ,or commercial opportunities in areas designated for growth or redevelopment;
  • Improving the overall character and quality of life within the region to retain and attract business and residents;
  • Enhancing and utilizing the existing transportation infrastructure capacity to reduce demands on the region’s transportation network;
  • Reducing congestion and improving the transportation system’s efficiency by promoting the use of transit, bike, and pedestrian transportation modes;
  • Building capacity in our older suburbs and neighborhoods;
  • Reinforcing and implementing improvements in designated Centers; and
  • Protecting our environment through growth management and land preservation.

FY 2017 TCDI Program

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TCDI Investments 2002-2017

Transportation and Community Development Initiative (TCDI)

Improving One Community at a Time

Improving One Community at a Time is a publication of the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission which highlights our livability grant program, the Transportation and Community Development Initiative (TCDI). Each newsletter provides information on how DVRPC’s investment has impacted the region and highlights a specific TCDI funded projects.

    Program Evaluation

    DVRPC has completed two Program Evaluations of the TCDI Program. These reports provide an overview of the TCDI program and evaluate the administration, project selection, and funding investment throughout the region.