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Food System Planning

Shaping the way we live, DVRPC builds consensus on a range of issues that include improving transportation, promoting smart growth, protecting the environment and enhancing the economy. Intersecting all of these is our regional food system - its production, distribution, processing and consumption. Greater Philadelphia has a rich agricultural community, a diverse distribution and transportation network, and nationally recognized nonprofit and for-profit food system stakeholders. DVRPC's food system planning program aims to assist stakeholders in recognizing these advantages, and work to overcome the challenges to create a more sustainable and resilient food system.

DVRPC's current food system planning efforts include:

Greater Philadelphia Food System Stakeholder Committee

DVRPC's Stakeholder Committee meets regularly to review food system issues in and around Philadelphia.

Camden Food Economy Strategy

Through coordinated work and research with a team of partners, DVRPC is working to create a strategy that identifies stakeholders, funders, current projects and investments, and strategies that will improve Camden City's Food System and Economy.

Transforming Open Space to Sustainable Farm Enterprises

Transforming Open Space to Sustainable Farm Enterprises, a report released by the GreenSpace Alliance and DVRPC in 2012, examines the potential use and benefits of transforming preserved open space that is not currently farmed to sustainable agricultural enterprises.

Municipal Implementation Tool #18: Food System Planning

In 2010, DVRPC produced a brochure on local food system planning as part of its Municipal Implementation Tool brochure series.


Additional food system resources available in Greater Philadelphia.

Recent publications and activities