Products and Services

Aerial Imagery

Aerial imagery is an essential tool for planning and analysis. It presents a comprehensive view of regional conditions. Having access to aerial imagery from various years provides the user with a chronological record of land use patterns. Aerials have been an important component of DVRPC's planning efforts for many years. They are also a popular source of information for consultants, developers, engineers, realtors, and the general public.

Census Data

On this page, information will be posted about the American Community Survey and decennial Census data, including Census 2010 data, as it is released.

Data Products

Regional Data Bulletins provide the most recent data sets that are currently available. Analytical Data Reports provide a summary analysis of these data sets, but go into more detailed analysis of data trends. Data Reference Guides are produced on occasion to help better explain the source of types of data and the details of how to use various data sets. Data Snapshots are designed to look more in-depth at specific demographics or topical areas through a series of related snapshots.


The DVRPC Publications Database is continuously updated as reports and other items become available. Visitors can view publication abstracts and/or full PDF versions for over 750 reports from 1988 to present.

GIS / Mapping

A Geographic Information System (GIS) is an important planning tool that provides benefits to DVRPC, its member agencies, and others by supporting state, regional, county, and local planning and technical efforts. Nearly all projects incorporate GIS technology, whether it is for data collection and storage, or analysis and presentation. GIS allows planners to view and query spatial data, perform advanced analysis to discover relationships, patterns, and trends, and effectively present information to decision-makers and the public.

Traffic Counts

DVRPC collects traffic volume counts at over 5,000 locations each year. The data is collected by the pneumatic tubes you see laying across the road. DVRPC also obtains traffic data collected by other entities and includes that data in its database as a public service. Traffic data is used by transportation engineers and planners, developers, market analysts, and may be of interest to the general public.

Mobility Alternatives

MAP can help everyone find a better way to get to work in Southeastern PA. Whether it's on transit, in a car pool or van pool, or even working from home, MAP has information on what the alternatives are and how companies and individuals can take advantage of them. Plus, there's information on incentives, emergency rides home, flex time and parking management.


The Share-A-Ride program is a free computerized service that could potentially match you with convenient transit services, car pools, vanpool groups, even walking and bicycling opportunities if you work in the 5-county southeastern Pennsylvania region. Even employers can get on board by locating matches for their employees!


RideECO is DVRPC's new commuter benefit program that employers can offer to their employees to help pay for commuting on transit. It saves employers and commuters money because the program takes advantage of federal legislation that allows TAX-FREE dollars to pay for transit fares.