A one-stop resource for a better commute to and around Pennsylvania!

Multiple Rider Vehicles = Fewer Cars on our Roads = Less Traffic + Cleaner Air!

If your commute is long...
If you're tired of always driving...
If you want to reduce the cost of commuting...
You've come to the right place!

Employees who work in Southeastern Pennsylvania (Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Montgomery, or Philadelphia counties), can find fellow commuters to share the ride - right here, right now.


Good for Commuters:

  • Sharing costs saves money
  • Insurance costs can go down
  • Make better use of your commuting time

You can register for Share-A-Ride on your own, or contact one of our Transportation Management Associations (TMA) to help.

Contact your TMA

Good for Employers:

  • Encouraging shared commutes can save a company money - on parking leases or maintenance and insurance
  • Your employees will get to work on time more often, and take fewer sick days (really!)
  • You show your employees, and the community, you are environmentally friendly

For more information on Share-A-Ride, and other options in the free Mobility Alternatives Program, click here.


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