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Interactive Detour Route Mapping (IDRuM)

IDRuM Logo DVRPC in partnership with PennDOT District 6, has developed the web-based Interactive Detour Route Mapping (IDRuM) application that organizes all existing PennDOT Emergency Detour Routes within the Southeastern Pennsylvania region into a manageable, easy-to-use interface. DVRPC has worked with PennDOT District 6 to update and reformat the detour route maps for all limited access highways within the region, replacing outdated paper maps with digital PDF maps. IDRuM compiles the PDF detour maps into a simple, "point-and-click" application.

As exposure to IDRuM grew, the New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT) decided to partner with DVRPC to expand IDRuM into the State of New Jersey. Currently, NJDOT's detour route maps for Burlington and Camden Counties have been incorporated into the application, with counties to follow. The ultimate goal is to integrate NJDOT's detour route maps for all New Jersey counties, with IDRuM being utilized statewide. IDRuM is available both in an online and offline version, with the offline version designed to give emergency responders access to the detour routes where internet access is limited or non-existent.

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Please review the Terms of Service [0.1 MB .pdf] which outlines appropriate use of the IDRuM application. Acceptance of this document is required for accessing IDRuM and is a part of the registration process.

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