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Destination 2030 Long Range Plan

In 2003, DVRPC began preliminary work on developing the Year 2030 Plan. The first task was developing a regional vision of what the future should hold. The result of that exercise was Destination 2030: A Vision for the Future, which analyzed current trends and articulated a regional vision for the future as well as developing specific goals for eight critical issue areas: urban revitalization, growth management, economic development, the environment, equity and opportunity, transportation facilities, transportation operations, and transportation finance.

The next step was development of land use and transportation policies, including transportation projects. This culminated in the DVRPC Board adopting Destination 2030 - The Long Range Plan for the Delaware Valley on June 23, 2005. This document serves as the official long-range plan document for the region. Destination 2030 places a strong emphasis on rebuilding our existing transportation infrastructure and linking transportation investments to the land use, economic development, environmental and transportation goals set forth in the plan. The DVRPC Board adopted a set of revisions to the Destination 2030 Plan in May 2007. The revisions address requirements mandated by the passage of the latest federal transportation authorization, SAFETEA-LU. The Plan is considered a living document and from time to time the set of major regional transportation projects included in the long-range plan is amended. [0.1 MB .pdf]

In order to determine how well the region is meeting the goals outlined in Destination 2030, DVRPC began tracking a set of performance measures linked to select plan goals. The result, Tracking Progress Toward 2030: Regional Indicators for the DVRPC Long-Range Plan, highlights areas that should receive additional emphasis as the region prepares the next iteration of the long-range plan.

Translated Documents

Destino 2030: El plan para el año 2030 para el Valle de Delaware
(Destination 2030: The Year 2030 Plan for the Delaware Valley) [0.2 MB .pdf]