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DVRPC Freight Planning Program

DVRPC's Freight Planning Program is designed to assure the full incorporation of freight into the transportation planning process. This is achieved through technical endeavors, committee work, and the treatment of freight in the Long Range Plan and the Transportation Improvement Program.

The treatment of freight is an important complement to DVRPC's treatment of passenger movement. As some national estimates predict a doubling of cargo volumes by the Year 2035, there is an urgent need to educate elected officials, planners, and the general public about freight trends and logistics processes.

The Basics of Freight Planning [16.0 MB pdf]

A poster session at the 2007 APA national conference allowed an exploration of DVRPC's basic freight planning principles and approaches.

Freight Newsletter

A special edition newsletter is devoted entirely to the DVRPC Freight Planning Program.

Good Neighbor Practices [pdf]

A TRB synthesis report identifies a wide range of measures to better integrate freight with community goals.

Glossary of Freight Terms

Many technical terms are used to describe freight operations and equipment.

County Freight Scans

DVRPC's Freight Unit undertook an initiative entitled, County Freight Scans. The scans were conducted in all of the DVRPC counties with a primary purpose of equipping the staffs of county planning agencies with increased understanding of freight trends and with greater capacity to address freight issues.

Available Freight Studies

Freight Plan Regional Listening Session

On March 7, 2013, DVRPC staff presented freight planning issues to a group in Lansdale, PA as part of DVRPC’s series of Regional Listening Sessions.

DVRPC Freight Planning Staff Mission Statement

The DVRPC Freight Planning staff is dedicated to creating and sustaining a dynamic and service-oriented freight planning program in a culture of excellence as defined by integrity, passion, discipline, and personal and professional development.


Basic facts and background information about DVRPC's Freight Planning Staff:
Ted Dahlburg [0.1 MB pdf] serves as the Manager of the Freight Planning Program.